Together through the crisis

Let yourself be inspired, informed and exchange ideas,

to jointly come out of the current situation.

Innovation LAB compact

How can it go on, when we cannot continue?

For many of us it is currently of vital importance if and how fast we find an answor to this question.

How to go about this, what should be considered and which tools help to find the best solution in a structured way – in our Innovation Lab compact we have compiled a hands on how-to-guide.

You can use the tools to answer individual questions, but also for a stepwise development of a new solution.

No matter where, just start! You can copy the cards by hand, print them out or download and fill them in using a pdf writer – they are designed to be helpful for you!

What do you know about your callenge?



Which are ways to cope with the challenge?



Which solution is best and how to realize it?



We hope very much, that this compilation helps to successfully and confidently master the current challenges.

And we whish you a lot of fun in applying the tools!

One more thing: should anything not be as self-explanatory as whe have hoped for, please let us know: This LAB can be improved!

You need more intensive support? The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs supports small and medium sized businesses in the corona crisis by reimbursing consultancy costs. In case you are interested, we would be pleased to help. Contact

With hessen-helfen, the radio and television stations Hessenschau, hr3 and youfm and the state of Hessen have launched an exchange platform that matches citizens offering support with businesses that need help.


It is also possible to offer help in neighbourship portals like

And with helfe ffm you can help your favourite places through the crisis by buying vouchers, which you can redeem after the crisis.

Receive and give Help

Which (financial) assistance

can I get as a self-employed entrepreneur?

Since March 30th entrepreneurs and small business owners can apply for emergency aid from the state of Hessen. The IHK Frankfurt offers fill-in assistance and further information, regarding financial and legal regulations.

The Heimathafen Wiesbaden offers specific help for entrepreneurs and startups in the crisis and - together with the IHK Wiesbaden – free webinars.

The #ConquerCorona-Reader of the Heimathafen collects current information, resources and provides concrete application support for self-employed entrepreneurs and creative workers.

How can I support local


It is very important to support local shops and businesses now. Even thogh most shops and restaurants are not allowed to open, many of them do continue to offer their services. The Frankfurter neue Presse, a newspaper, provides a Frankfurt map of businesses and shops, that currently offer sevices in the corona crisis.

Frankfurt online shops are listed in the blog #Frankfurt du bist so wunderbar.

I want to help -

what can I do?

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