Innovation Consultancy

Organisations act in a dynamic world,

where challenges and needs are constantly  changing

We will show you
how to recognise the manifold opportunities,

that arise from these changes,

and help you to actively pursue and

successfully realise the most promising ones


We help to

recognise opportunities and potentials

develop appropriate cultural techniques

try out more agile ways of working and creating solutions

create convincing innovation successes

efficiently cope with obstacles and challenges

inspire all people involved to embrace the change

Services and Formats

cross-functional, self-managed teams of sponsors, experts and project members enable quick and adequate response to upcoming challenges

short iteration loops and regular retrospectives

foster continuous adjustment of the development project focus toward changing requirements

the identification of business opportunities and risks right from the start, allows a clear focus of product development on those features that matter most for future success

the user centred, impartial solution perspective leads to attractive products with a high costumer value, even for uncharted challenges






Services and Formats

initiate and facilitate change processes

project and program management

training and coaching 


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You would also like to use our innovation project management toolset, while working from home, but currently don’t have access?

Find the digital version of the sprout IPM tool cards here*.

* to open the file you need an access password. In case you do not yet know our toolset and/or have not yet received a password, please drop us a line to

 where we strive to answer your request as soon as possible

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